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Our Story:

There's an abbreviated version:

And a longer one:

Our Mission: Optimal Mental Health for Everyone.

That means :

Mental Health is a touchy phrase these days. We're not promising that if you have one of our products you'll be cured of all life's problems. 

To use an analogy, think 

If you want to get into shape 90% of it is consistency with nutrition and excersize, but for the last 10% you might go there to get protein powders and fish oil to supplement the rest. 

If you want to have optimal mental health then it's important to perhaps have a mindfulness routine, get 8 hours of sleep ect. Then for the last 10% , there's NooWave to:

Lower Anxiety and Stress: Life is hard. If our products can make it 10% easier then we're succeeding. 

Improve Brain Function: At the core of all of our products is a complete dork obsessed with biohacking, 1% gains and self improvement. Better, Stronger, Faster is the goal. 

Support Creativity and Productivity.  - Ultimately it isn't about us and the products, it's about what creators DO with them. Beginning with the end in mind, we want people to use our products to reinforce positive habits.