NooWave is NOT a coffee company! (but we are starting with coffee)

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Here is the 6th newsletter from 09/23 in its entirety: 

But first, coffee!

Hey Everyone, 


First and foremost I’d like to announce the winner of our Dream WFH Coffee Setup: Jaclyn Weber!


I’m so happy Jaclyn won as she’s a perfect example of someone who will benefit from Flow State Coffee. She’s an artist, dancer, yoga instructor and all around badass lady living in Colorado Springs. We’re already in talks to make a painting WITH some Flow State Coffee grounds. LITERALLY COFFEE FOR CREATIVITY!


As we await the forever process of the bags being printed and shipped to our manufacturer (17 more business days :/)  I figured it'd be a good time to fill everyone in on NooWave’s mission.


What Flow State Coffee is, what it’s NOT and who it’s for.


So first and foremost NooWave is a company and Flow State Coffee is one of our products. We will eventually have more. Now come closer...closer….little closer 


*leans in*


NooWave is NOT a coffee company!  


I know it’s confusing and I’m working on improving my writing and speaking around the company and the coffee to explain it better. 


NooWave makes products for optimal mental health. We want to help people feel better mentally so they can be creative and productive. I tend to think of us like for your brain in 10 years. 


I know “Mental Health” is a touchy term so we may come up with a snazzier name as we grow and get feedback from our customers. 


I don’t believe that our products will cure clinical depression or help people with bipolar disorder. I do believe that if you’re practicing healthy habits already like getting good sleep, diet and exercise, some form of mindfulness etc, then our products can help you feel at least 10% better mentally. Should probably check with a lawyer about what I can and can’t say so let’s keep that between us for now. 


My goal is to have future products that include nootropics and supplements I use to make sleep teas, hangover proof alcohol, physical products like blue light glasses and maybe even an app that will disrupt therapy. I want to do all kinds of weird and fun stuff in the next decade.


But first, Coffee. 


So what is Flow State Coffee then? 


I’m seeing a lot of you explain it to friends and family which is AWESOME and you should definitely keep doing that but I think some people are unclear on exactly what this coffee is and does. 


So here’s how I would describe it as of 09/22/20: 


Flow State Coffee is coffee for creativity. 


It’s specialty grade ground coffee blended with L-theanine (pronounced l-thee-ah-neen) and Raw Cacao. 


It helps lower anxiety, boost mood and improve brain function (things like task switching and focus).


It’s meant to prime your brain for a ‘Flow State’ which is a fancy term for being ‘in the zone’. The perfect balance between creativity and productivity in my humble opinion. 


I’ll get into HOW we do that in the next few emails I send but hopefully this helps. 


We’re not some “avoid the dreaded crash” or “no jitters” brand. Though it does do though those things, I feel like it’s really played out and makes people skeptical. 


If you’re still confused it means I’m not doing a great job so please feel free to email me questions. Lots of you have and it’s helping me shape our copy and FAQ on the site. 


Oh and it (probably?) does NOT  increase your libido…. ;) (Thanks Jeff & HelloooTV)


Have a glorious Wednesday! Make Thursday and Friday fear your name. 


-Optimal Greg

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