The Flow State Coffee Chronicles: Chapter 1

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Since we keep getting more people who are out of the loop. This blog is a place where they can catch up on the wins and fails of creating Flow State Coffee and stay updated on pre-orders. 

Here is the first newsletter from 08/19 in its entirety:

"Holy Shit!"

*Me, reading all your supportive messages*

Last week I was overwhelmed by the HUNDREDS of messages from you all. I wrote a TL;DR when I shared my article because I honestly didn’t think that anyone would read what I wrote. 

But not only did you read it, you all replied. Like, really replied. Hard. 

Everyone expressed interest in the coffee which is cool but many of you wrote back genuinely kind words, shared some great memories and hit me with deep cut inside jokes. Some of you I haven’t seen in years!

It felt like a walk through my entire life. 

I replied to every one of you who wrote individually but damn, I’m a lucky guy.

You are all my ‘Day Ones’. ‘Day Zeros’ even? 

So, what's next?

Well, the most common question I got asked is some form of: 

“Yo, When can I actually buy this?!” 

The short answer is : “Soon.”

The longer answer is:It depends on our manufacturing process, but likely sometime in the next two weeks to possibly as late as mid-September.”

I got final samples of different roasts this week (!) 

The coffee tasted great already but I wanted to nitpick. I just want to be sure we land on something that you all really enjoy and could stand on its own as a great cup of coffee, even without the added ingredients. 

Once we make the call, the manufacturer should give me a timeline of how long it will take to get into your hands and I can announce pre-orders without feeling weird about taking your money.

We’re going to come out the gates with a really cool contest and some swag though!

Don’t want to share anything yet until it’s finalized but I’m excited. Any guesses on prizes?

Ok that’s all from me. As promised, I’ll try to only email you when I have a relevant update or I happen upon a really good meme.

LFF (Let's F'n Flow!) -Greg

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