The Flow State Coffee Chronicles: Chapter 2

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Here is the first newsletter from 08/26 in its entirety:

We’re picking up speed! 

Soon, my caffeinated friends....soon

Hey Everyone, (need a cool name for you all. Ideas?)

I received four different roasts last week and drank wayyyy too much coffee trying to decide which one balanced out the cacao flavor profile. 

I’ve settled on a nice medium Colombian for our first run. It was really hard to choose! I like all different types of coffee and I’m sure you all do too. Eventually if there’s enough interest we’ll offer light and dark roasts as well. 

One wrinkle we hit was our design needed to be tweaked by the company who prints the bags to fit the template they use. Today I will talk to a nice lawyer who will hopefully tell me that everything is kosher on the copy we’re using.

I’ll likely have to remove the part that states “Flow State Coffee will make you rich and attractive” but you and I will always know the truth. 

The manufacturer has told me from when they receive the bags, it will take them an additional three weeks to fill them with delicious and brain empowering coffee and ship to me. The final step will be me sending to you which will take around three-five days. 

If all goes well, you should be drinking Flow State Coffee in late September, early October. 

With that said, I feel comfortable announcing pre-orders once I get bags to the manufacturer so expect an announcement in a week or two on that. 

Right now I’m trying to get rewards in place for sharing. This should appeal to the lizard part of all your brains responsible for primitive survival instincts such as posting on Facebook and Emailing your coworkers.

Free stuff is cool for you and I can slowly start building a cult which is my real goal. Win/Win.

In related news, we’re working with Heads Up Screen Printing to design some rad shirts and other goodies for you to look awesome while you consume coffee. 

We’re also sponsoring HelloooTV concert series Season 2!

I love and miss live music more than most members of my immediate family so I’m pumped for what Paris and Erik are bringing to the world. I want to do more creative sponsorships and influencer things so if you’re interested reach out to me. 

That’s all from me this week. 

May your coffee be strong enough to endure the rest of 2020. 


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