The Flow State Coffee Chronicles: Chapter 5

What this is:

I send a weekly email that you should definitely subscribe to if you haven't.

Since we keep getting more people who are out of the loop. This blog is a place where they can catch up on the wins and fails of creating Flow State Coffee and stay updated on pre-orders. 

Here is the 5th newsletter from 09/16 in its entirety: 

"Yowie Wowie!" (IYKYK)

That was my reaction to our first week of pre-orders.

I still can’t believe the outpouring of support that came from you all. We got WAY MORE orders than expected!

We had a fun little snafu involving Viral Loops that I manually attempted to fix yesterday and accidentally emailed our entire list instead of people who preordered.

My bad.

If you don’t want a magic link that wins you prizes for friends and family who order Flow State Coffee let me know and I’ll remove you from the list.

On the flip side of that, lots of you DID refer people to us and that means a lot of you are new subscribers to this newsletter!

Lots of you I haven’t even met! Hello! I use lots of exclamation points!

I’ll be taking past newsletters and putting them on our blog so you can catch up on the journey so far. Just so you know this is our first run and pre-orders will be shipped as soon as we can make it happen.

You’re all probably asking “So when is that?”

Here’s where we’re at as of yesterday:

The biggest holdup right now is actually printing all the bags. They said it would take ~27 BUSINESS days (as of 7 business days ago) to ship to our coffee manufacturer. I guess even bag printers need to party on the weekend which is cool, but frustrating for all of us.

Our roasters are superheroes though and can reportedly make 2000 lbs of this stuff in a few hours so we’ll hopefully move fast once they have it.

There is a chance that you guys don’t get Flow State Coffee until late October/Early November and that would suck.

I’m doing everything I can to get it done early. I’ve emailed both parties and asked if we can expedite this in any way. I’ve offered my body but that’s not as appealing as I’m in my mid 30’s. Lot of miles on this car. Still, letting you know I will resort to any means necessary.

I’m in NYC now. It's so good to be back.

I'm quarantining and once I’m clear and bags arrive, I will run upstate to make sure the cacao process is done correctly, the coffee tastes great and (if we can) ship that day.

I’ll be spending my time writing you all nice letters and tightening up our website!

I’m also going to answer some FAQ in a weekly series for the next few weeks that will cover:

What Flow State Coffee is, what it’s NOT and who it’s for. (aka how to TL;DR this to your friends who are asking about it)

What is L-Theanine and why should everyone be putting it in their coffee.

Cacao vs Cocoa : benefits and why it's included in Flow State Coffee.

How to use Flow State Coffee to trigger a creative flow state. (this one may venture into cult/mission statement territory so be warned.)

I'll be updating other FAQ like Shipping and Affiliate partnerships as we go once we understand our costs better.

Thanks for being patient with me everyone!

If you've read this far, I have one more ask. Can you "engage" with this e-mail by replying and saying literally anything. It helps build the health of our domain so these don't get labeled as spam. Email marketing is hard :(

We'll have everybody creatively caffeinated ASAP!

-A very busy Greg

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