We’re getting closer to the fireworks factory everyone!

Holy fuck! 




We’re getting closer to the fireworks factory everyone!



The bags have ARRIVED at our manufacturer and are being fulfilled as we speak! I’m told 7-10 days from Monday is when the orders should be fulfilled and then sent out.


There is a good chance by the time you get our next two newsletters you are drinking some Flow State Coffee! 


I’m in the process of writing personal thank you letters and awaiting swag for referral winners. They’re going to come separately and I hope that’s ok. 


We had the option to have a fancy unboxing experience or geting you all the coffee two weeks earlier and we went with getting you the coffee earlier based on feedback. 


I want to thank everyone for their patience and support getting NooWave off the ground. My final ask for you (assuming you love it) would be twofold. 

  1. If you can, could you try to get at least ONE (1) person to try Flow State Coffee? Our marketing strategy so far can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA7CKvoKEmE
  2. Take a photo, video, tweet, tik tok dance or ANYTHING and tag us at @noowaveco or #flowstatecoffee 

We really, really, really need the content/testimonials  and bonus points if you can get creative with it! 


We’ve already had suggestions for Flow State Coffee paintings, workouts, playlists and more so I’m really pumped to share those with you all. 


If we’re going to be “Coffee for Creativity” then we really want you all to get creative with these posts so let’s see what you got! 


We’ll have rewards for everyone who shares and my partner and I are building software to display it beautifully on our website/socials. More on that in a few weeks. 


Thank you again from the bottom of my caffeinated (but with perfect blood pressure ;)) heart 


Now if you’ll excuse me I still have over 100 thank you letters to get to. 


-”It’s getting Real!”Greg

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